Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Updates and New Surgery Date

Well, there was no surgery this month. My fiancé's white blood cell count turned out to be too high and with that would have come possible clots and other complications to the surgery. We had some glitches with the surgery and the date and then once we got it all sorted, his hematologist called with the news of the low white cell count, and said the surgery is off and would not even be considered for another 2 months. We had gone through so much to get the surgery schedule, get him reduced from his pain meds, and he stopped smoking (yes, AGAIN), that when the call came in about the surgery being postponed, we were devastated. But after having time to absorb the info, it turned out that having this extra time would give us something we didn't have before: control over the timeline.

We sat down and made a schedule of what to do in the upcoming 2 months, including stopping smoking (AGAIN), reducing the meds (again, because there's no way he could have gone 2 more months on the low dosage he had reduced down to; with the bone-on-bone pain he's been experiencing he had to go back to the usual dosage), contacting his primary care doc for pain management, and just generally getting our ducks in a row.

Regarding the Hep C ~~ his hair is still growing back and the texture is improving as well; no other symptoms or side effects!! His skin is looking better. His spirits are better. He's gained a few more pounds and is in a normal range again, but I think he'd like to be back down to 180 as he was in the strongest phase of the meds, but if that's the case, he'll have to work at it (like the rest of us!). In general it's all thumbs up! Next test will be the 6 months post-meds and that's in August! We're looking forward to that "undetectable" result as all have been since the first test!

Side note (and not really important to anyone but me): This caregiver is hitting the skids again. I'm always last on my own list and it's showing! I feel frumpy, unstylish, and unhealthy. I never had designer clothes, but I used to care more about what I looked like when I went out of the house. Used to put make-up on every day, but no longer. I guess because I don't feel good, I don't take the time to look good.  : (  

I'm working on it. Have started eating better and walking again. I've been growing my hair long for my fella (since we got back together 3 years ago), but I really really dislike it. My hair has never looked good in a long style because I have very fine hair; so it just lays there with no style. I've been putting it in ponytails and clips and all that does is hurt my head and give me headaches. I'm working on losing 20 pounds by the time my best friend from high school gets married (June 21st), for which occasion I will cut my hair! (He's not happy, but I keep telling him it's going to happen, so he has to get used to it!) I'm slowly nursing myself back to health; then I can better take care of my entire family.

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