Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Upcoming Surgery

Everything's still on the up and up with my fiancé. Last month he felt that his liver might be a bit enlarged (his abdomen on that side did look a bit distended), and he was worried. Doc ordered an ultrasound, and, luckily all came back normal. He's not had any symptoms or discomforts or anything bad from the Hep C or the drugs. Not sure exactly how long that stuff hangs around in one's blood system, but, outside of his back problems, he's pretty much back to his old self! Next appointment with Dr. Goldberg is in August -- his 6-month follow-up and although we're a bit nervous about the that blood test, we're both feeling quite confident that the results will be what they have been since test #1: undetectable!

His hair is still in flux....it's coming back slowly (but surely), and he needs another haircut! That seems to be the only symptom/side effect that's hanging on since the meds have stopped. The doc did say it would take months for the hair to be back to normal, so we wait. But I'm happy that he's happy he's not taking meds anymore and things seem to be progressing!

Now, to his back.  : (          He is having posterior lumbar fusion surgery at L2-L3. His last surgery in November to remove some of the herniated disc didn't work. Now he's losing or has lost the rest of that disc and is experiencing bone-on-bone pain. We've been waiting what seems an eternity for the surgery date, but we now know that next Monday, April 23rd, is the date for his surgery! He'll probably be overnight for a few nights anyway. My feeling is, the longer they want him to stay, the better chance he'll have of complete recovery. I felt he came home too early the last time.  Anyway, praying for a good surgery, a quick recovery, and am hoping for good vibes and positive energy all around!