Thursday, March 15, 2012

Update on the back issues

First, I know it doesn't seem like it should be happening this quickly, but my Honey's hair is beginning to grow back (only one month off the Riba and Interferon)! The texture is not dry and wiry anymore; it's soft and there's definitely more of it. He needs a haircut which he hasn't had since last year!!!! His energy is also coming back. The only thing holding him back is his back.

After 3 MRIs, his neurosurgeon said (and we saw the images) that the same disc he operated on in November has ruptured again and is WORSE.  He determined that THAT is the most likely reason for the temporary paralysis. He ordered a CT scan and has begun the process to schedule the surgery. This time is will be much agony for my fiancĂ©. And since he's already on so much medication for his chronic back pain from previous surgeries, they have to send him to a pain management specialist to wean him off. If he takes more than what he's already taking, he'll stop breathing. Very simple. He's a real trooper. I can tell the pain he's in now and am not looking forward to seeing him after the surgery, which will involve removing the ruptured disc, putting in spacers, plates, screws, and whatever all other hardware is needed.  Sounds more like construction than surgery.  : (

So definitely no more anemia, anorexia, or other side effects from the evil (yet, lovely, because they killed the Hep C) drugs. His weight is back up to 181, although he has been fluctuating 5 pounds up or down, but he looks better and is feeling better in general. Oh, he called Dr. G saying that he felt his liver was a bit enlarged. Dr. G wasn't too alarmed, but ordered an Ultrasound of the liver. That came back 100% normal. So that's checked off the list of worries (which is much shorter than it used to be!). At last blood test his HCT was 40 and his HGB was 12! So incredible to see those numbers.

All of this is catching up with me at this point....this little caregiver has not had more than 4-5 hours of sleep a night on the average in the last 8 months and today I feel like I'm coming down with a cold. BLECH. Hopefully I can sleep a bit today -- no appointments of any kind!