Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Blood

My fiancé had his transfusion today. This was ordered to fix the anemia he's got since beginning the triple thereapy treatment. He had two units put in and seems to be doing much better. It's been a tiring day, but I feel the transfusion has done him good. Dr. Mantha has ordered a blood test (a CBC, I think -- hematocrit and hemoglobin) for every Monday, probably until my fiancé is finished with his tx to ensure his blood levels and numbers are doing well.

Also (and most important), Dr. Mantha said my fiancé can go back on the Ribavirin "immediately"; however couldn't get a hold of Dr. Goldberg to verify this, so left message and will call again first thing tomorrow morning. It's nice to know he'll be able to do the rest of the medicine after all!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray

MRI @ 2:15am; CT Scan @ 9:15am; X-Ray @ 10:30am

All the tests are done. My fiancé was mad because the doctor ordered only the cervical spine (neck) and not the lumbar spine (the back where he's in pain too). So, after the CT scan this morning, we went up to his doctor's office and he finally ordered the x-rays. Back down to Radiology for the other test.

We're both so exhausted and have been sleeping on and off for the entired day after returning from the hospital. I'm ready for more!!!!

Second full day on Incivek only. Pegasys shot last night and no flu-like symptoms!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Major Change

As of today, my fiancé is told to stop all oral meds. Pegasys okay to take, but no more Incivek or Ribavirin. His tests from yesterday came back better than last week, but blood levels are still too low. A few hours after being told to stop the meds, he got another call telling him that he's been scheduled for a blood transfusion on Thursday. Then I guess wait a week and resume some or all of medications.

NOTE: just found out that he's not to be off all meds (as he told me earlier). Just to stay off the Ribavirin and Hydroxyurea. So, due to my confusion, he missed a dose today (his 3pm Incivek). 

He experienced intense nausea last night and this morning and thought (both times) he was going to vomit. He did NOT vomit in the long run; just suffered with the nausea.

Monday, September 26, 2011


You know that inspirational verse about how when we are troubled and only see one set of footprints in the sand, it's not us walking alone, it's when God carried us?  Well, that's bollocks. God has hightailed it in the other direction and left us walking all alone.

I don't think I'm a bad person and I know my fiancé is not. So why is all this bad crap (or is it karma from a past life?) happening? Although I think he looks better since his docs changed the Ribavirin dosage, he says he still feels so weak, he can barely stand. He sleeps pretty much most of the day. And his back and neck are in awful, awful pain since the accident last week. We finally got an appointment for an MRI but, because the schedule is so full, we have to go in at 2:15 am Tuesday (yes, that's right -- A.M......that's the middle of the night).

I've been asking friends to send out good vibes and prayers, but am no longer asking for prayers; they probably won't be answered anyway.

My fear is that, because of all the other health issues now presenting, the doctors will take him off the Incivek and there goes his treatment. I understand that his general day-to-day health is paramount, but if he stops this treatment, he can't go back on it. This is his Golden Ticket. But, I'm giving up railing against it all and am now resigned to whatever the doctor(s) say(s).

Medical stuff:  went for follow-up blood tests today and had INR done (it's supposed to be done tomorrow, but we were there today). This was the first day I worried about his state of depression. He was so despondent, and said something about hurting himself, because of the pain, weakness, and frustration at his health condition(s). I know he wouldn't do anything, especially since we're both so happy to have found each other after a 30-year separation and much sadness on both our parts for the past, but he didn't laugh or make a joke after that statement. I am so sad for him, it's beyond description, but I have to remain strong to help him.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Step Back....

Today is a "one step back" day. Apparently, yesterday was too much for my fiancé. I thought maybe he was beginning to feel the effects of being taken off some of the meds, but today was bad. We went out to do laundry today, but I ended up doing it all because the poor guy couldn't even get out of the car. He stayed outside and fluctuated between smoking and sleeping. I wondered if it might be too much, but he said he wanted to go this morning, so... He took extra pain meds (yes, his neck is still killing him) which finally kicked in in enough time to go to brekkie. Just after we returned from the restaurant, he had to struggle to go up the stairs to the apt. And he's been resting/napping on and off the entire day.

So, tomorrow we deal with his neck situation and contact his neurosurgeon at Lahey ... again. Hopefully, this time, someone will talk with us.  And then I have to get crack-a-lackin' on reviewing the papers from insurance to determine a body shop to fix my car.

One other health note....I've noticed over the last week or so, my fiancé has developed a cough (from the Incivek?). I don't think it's his normal cigarette cough. I wonder if it has to do with his blood levels being so out of whack?

This coming Tuesday, September 27th, begins his 10th week on Incivek. The last 3 weeks. I pray he's still undetectable, and I wonder if they'll put him back on the Ribavirin after the Incivek is done.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Transition Day

Well, you could knock me over with a feather! My fiancé seems to be feeling much better. We had planned to go out this afternoon to see my brother's band play a benefit gig and it was all based on how my fiancé was feeling. He seem v tired (as has been the norm) by the time we were supposed to leave, but he was looking forward to seeing the brother play, so he said he'd be fine. As long as we would be able to sit down, which we were. We were prepared to come home after a couple of hours if he got tired, but he lasted the entired gig!

When we came home, I expected him to lie down and nap immediately, but he stayed awake and watched some of his favourite TV shows. I think he's turned the corner on the blood level issues since stopping the Ribavirin. I'm still confused and dubious as to how this is going to work. Maybe they're keeping him on the Incivek, and when he's done with that in 3 more weeks, they'll get him back on the Riba to finish out the therapy.

The only other concern is his neck and seeing how that plays out. He's still feeling the pain and the tingling in neck and arms. Can't tell if it's feeling a bit better or there's nothing new there at all. His neurosurgeon's office never called back yesterday, so we have to sit and wait through the weekend, and then call them back first thing Monday morning..

Friday, September 23, 2011

Why is God So Unfair?

My fiancé ... the most wonderful man I know, is being put through such a rough time.  His doctors (Goldberg and Mantha) are trying to balance out all his meds to make sure he's doing well on this Tx. But it seems we take two steps forward and one step back. There were more blood tests taken on Wednesday (actually where we were going to when we were rear-ended by that SUV). Dr. Mantha called this afternoon to say that both he and Dr. Goldberg, feel my fiancé's blood levels were "dangerously low" and that he should STOP TAKING THE RIBAVIRIN altogether.

Now, everything I've read says if Ribavirin is discontinued,Telaprevir must also be discontinued. And if that happens, of course, there goes any hope of a cure.

"If peginterferon alfa or ribavirin is discontinued for any reason, telaprevir must also be discontinued."(
"If ribavirin is permanently discontinued for the management of anemia, INCIVEK must also be permanently discontinued. Ribavirin may be restarted per the dosing modification guidelines for ribavirin. The dose of INCIVEK must not be reduced and INCIVEK must not be restarted if discontinued."

And, on top of all that, my fiancé is dealing with the after-effects of the accident from Wednesday. He's had 3 previous back surgeries, as well as previous neck fusion surgery (and after a full exam was found to have 2 more vertabrae that have bulging discs, and therefore will require another fusion surgery). He feels that something is very wrong with his back/neck and has been trying to contact his neurosurgeon today to go in for an exam but no one's returned his call. We're both scared that he'll have to come off the Tx meds if things are that bad that will require immediate surgery.

He's been through such a life of pain and has had a lot of stuff happen to him before we reconnected after those 30 "missing years" and to have all these roadblocks for him, plus my continued unemployment, it just feels like we've been abandoned by God and have been dealt the worst hand. This makes me wonder why God is so unfair. We've both travelled our separate roads to finally meet up and walk our road together and no sooner are we both finally happy and feeling safe,  than God comes along and bitch slaps the both of us.

My fiancé is such a good man and I wish I could wave a magic wand to take away all his pain and discomfort. He doesn't deserve all this crap.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Not a Good Start.....a Tentative Finish

Fiancé had a bad night and woke this morning with new pains, so we are going to call his orthopedic surgeon today and will most likely have to go the ER to get him an x-ray or MRI or something. I just hope this doesn't affect his treatment.

Well, no phone calls were made until about 4pm. He finally confessed to me that he's scared. Scared that if he goes to the ER to have someone check out his pain and numbness situation, someone will screw with his medications and he'll have to sto the Tx...thereby ending his one chance to cure the Hep C. So we finally called Dr. Goldberg. My fiancé only wants to deal with him. He's the closest to him and knows what to do with regard to everything else he's taking. So, after speaking with someone in his office, we were content to have a call put in to his Doc. Hopefully, we'll hear from him tomorrow, early, and he can give us the guidance we are so needing right now.

 It's been an extremely emotional day and we're all ready for a some nice quiet time.

Off to bed to try to sleep away this day.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Day to Forget

I'll try to keep this short, because I'm exhausted and need to sleep.  First, another dosage change. One of my fiancé's doctors called and told him to stop one of his other medications (Hydroxyurea, for Polycythemia Vera). He'd been on a 3-day cycle of 2 pills, then 1, then 1, but now he's to stop altogether. Not sure for how long.

That being said, he felt v tired again today and decided to take one Iron pill.....I hope that's not going to mess him up at all. I hear so much about not changing any meds, or adding anything while being on the Tx that I worry! We'll try to get more iron into him with food instead of supplements.

Now the last thing for the day: while out after going to the pharmacy and getting some lunch, we were on the way to the hospital to get more tests done (his doctor who told him to stop the Hydroxyurea wanted more blood tests), some idiot in a 2010 Cadillac Escalade rear-ended me at a Stop sign. Shook us all up a little and my fiancé, who was sitting in the back seat (my Mum was in the passenger seat), felt like he may have hurt his back/neck even more than it is right now. He's had several back surgeries, including some fusion at the neck, and currently has 2 bulging discs in his neck (waiting to finish the Tx before having surgery for that). He said he felt tingling in both arms and legs and was debating whether or not to go to the ER. He stayed in bed and seems to be okay at the moment. All I could think of was if he had to go to hospital, they might give him some medicines to relieve any pain/discomfort (and we all know how I feel about extra medicine right now) or, worst case, they'd decide to do surgery immediately or within a week, and that would mean him stopping his Tx. Which would, of course, destroy any hopes of curing his Hep C. Aren't I a ray of effing sunshine? I'm not traditionally a worrywart, but I reckon I have become one lately.

It seems, for tonight, all is okay and we are staying put right here. No hospital visits.

Now I have to begin dealing with getting the car fixed with money I don't have (I'm currently unemployed)....while the douchebag who hit me, drove away without one damn scratch.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Change in Dosage.............Oh Sleepy Day!

Today's a very sleepy day. My fiancé has only gone out once for a cigarette this morning and it's 10am. It was quite difficult to wake him up for his morning "fat snack" and meds...even a strong Italian Roast coffee couldn't do it! But, he took his Incivek and Ribavirin at 7am (after eating at 6:30am) and promptly went right back to sleep till 9am. That's when he got up for his smoke (which honestly isn't much these days; he says he can barely get a couple of puffs and starts to feel weak, like his legs might just buckle under him) and now it's 10am and he's back hangin' out with the Sandman. I say take it while you can!

Today is also Interferon Day (whoopdidoo).   : )

Okay.....just finished doing some research after a call from Dr. Goldberg's office. We were told to reduce my fiancé's Rivabirin dose, from 3 caps twice daily, to 2 caps twice daily. I was a bit worried, since I'd read that changing the Riba dosage was not a good thing and could result in a relapse, even after an RVR (rapid viralogical response) or adversely affect his SVR (sustained viralogical response). I realized that many of the studies and reports I read online were dated as long ago as 2005, but I thought, "there must be a reason for doing this".  So after more research, I found a few sites that talked about doing this because the patient's anemia had gotten worse. I believe that was the number the dropped so low when the Doctor's office called (I heard "28.1" but didn't hear what it was for, so am assuming that it was his HCT). I did find that a typical 1200 mg/day dose of Riba (which is my fiancé's current, or current up until today, dose) can cause anemia ** , which, even though not permanent, is enough to cause some of the symptoms I have been seeing more of lately. One study did say that a drop to 800 mg/day (which is what his Doctor prescribed as of today) is quite common in treatment and does not cause anemia. So, fingers crossed, this is the right thing.

In response to other patients' concerns, I have read that the reduction in Riba dosage does NOT cause a change in the SVR, and boy, did THAT make me breathe easier. I would hate to think that all my fiancé's hard work could possibly be compromised because of this dosage change. I have to keep the faith and realize his Doctor wants him to be successful and wouldn't do anything to stop that from happening.

I pray every day that my fiancé feels better (ond day at a time) and finds that cure at the end of this treatment journey that he's on. I do my part when I can and how I can, but some days it seems more uphill than others.

** I have noticed the symptoms of anemia more the last week or so, but had just chalked it up to the side effects from the triple meds.  From an anemia web site, here are the main symptoms of anemia:
  • extreme fatigue & weakness
  • feeling tired
  • difficulty sleeping
  • difficulty thinking clearly (this has been common the last week or so)
  • headache
  • dizziness or fainting
  • cold (this one for sure the last week...he's NEVER cold, now he's worse than me!)
  • paleness
This day has finished quietly, and with an uneventful Pegasys injection. Praying that there's no side effects tomorrow. He's having a tough enough time with everything else. Wonder when we'll see a change in the anemia from the reduced Riba dosage.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Doctor Visit and a Day of Rest

Doctor visit this morning was great. His doc is happy with his progress, but did say that it's possible my fiancé may have to remain on the Ribavirin and Interferon for a full 48 weeks (as opposed to the 26 weeks we originally thought). I'm still rooting for the 26 weeks, but it's good we understand that it may take longer than originally anticipated.


Today was another tough day; my fiancé was extremely tired in the car on the way back from the doctor. I told him he had to not fight it and get the rest his body is craving. He was a good patient and did that immmediately when we arrived home!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tough Day

Morning didn't start too fiancé woke up in the same mood (bad) he went to bed. He'd had a bad night; chills & sweats. Said he really felt like he was getting sick. As the morning progressed, he kept feeling a bit better. Went to brekkie and he really enjoyed his french toast. Fun breakfast. He seemed okay after breakfast, but as soon as we got home, he kinda crashed again. He slept a bit and woke up in time to eat his "fat snack" at 3pm.

It's a little after 9pm and his spirits are much better, but he's still experiencing body aches, and is tired and weak. Haven't taken his temp, but he says he feels like his temp is up slightly. If I can get him to cooperate, I'll take his temp tonight.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good, then Bad

The day started side effects or symptoms. We began to prepare for a visit from my fiancé's daughter (her car needed a small repair that my fiancé and my brother took care of). The boys handled the car repair and I took care of the food prep and service, along with my fiancé's daughter for part of the meal. The job didn't take long, but the boys were outside for a couple of hours and my fiancé missed taking his 3pm Incivek. We sat down to a late lunch at 3:30pm and I insisted he take it right away (which he reluctantly did), and he barely made it within the 9-hour window.

His daughter left before 7pm and he went to rest and nap. That was when things began the downward spiral. He began to feel the flu-like symptoms and was angry with me because he couldn't find something to go with his 10:30 "fat snack". He never asked me where it was (I had placed it in a cabinet so no one else would take it) and consequently got pretty mad when he couldn't find it. He explained that he wasn't feeling well and when I told him that I wasn't either, he hit the roof. I realize my mistake at sharing how I was feeling. He's not in a space where he can relate to anyone's feelings but his own, especially when he's feeling those flu symptoms. I get it....I truly do.

So, I'm going to jot down the food and symptom details, then off to bed for me.

Friday, September 16, 2011


A great day! Aside from some nausea, my fiancé had no side effects/symptoms today. Looks like we're free and clear and no flu-like symptoms from the Pegasys this week at all!

Not much else to mention. Everything's going well and he can't believe he's winding up Week 8 on the triple therapy treatment. Doctor's appointment on Monday and the week 8 blood tests!

Note: Last night after I'd already logged off, my fiancé got extremely sick after the 11pm "fat snack" and he vomitted (pretty violently) for a few minutes. He seemed to feel a bit better afterward; well, maybe not better, but more relaxed and calm.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another Good + Quiet Day

My fiancé has experienced NO flu-like symptoms this week (yay)! He is, however, feeling the nausea specifically this afternoon. He seemed grateful when he asked "what do we have on for today" and I answered "nothing"! He watched some TV today and went out for a smoke periodically, but that's it for "activities" -- he's felt sleepy and tired all day.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hump Day

Another day and we're in the middle of the week.  My fiancé is feeling v tired and sleepy this morning. He had a good night's sleep and actually went to bed before 12:30 last night, which is unusual. He's not complaining of any pain (at injection site) or any flu-like symptoms, so hopefully that will be the norm for today. We can handle the tiredness; it frustrates him that he can't get up and do simple things, but he's more able to handle that than the flu symptoms. He's in good spirits today, too.

So, off for the day with some errands to run and I'll check back in later.

Errands went well; spent a few hours out and had a good day. Came back and he rested the remainder of the day. Didn't sleep, just rested. He had no tummy issues until after his "fat snack" at 2:30pm....that kinda ruined him for the rest of the day. But he's retired for the night and seems to be settled in for the night. The best part: no flu-like symptoms today, so hopefully that will be the same story tomorrow and that'll be the first time since the beginning of this treatment!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Quiet Man

Today was an interesting day. My fiancé spent the entire day resting. He didn't sleep too much; although after brekkie, he did go back to sleep for about 2 hours. But he was awake the whole afternoon and had fun watching some old TV shows, including the very first episode of "The Lone Ranger"!   : )

So, just the weakness and tiredness today. Not much nausea; only just after supper. He's had some itchiness today, too. He takes his Pegasys shot tonight, so hopefully, he won't have the usual reaction.

He's in v good spirits and we're excited that today begins Week 8 (got meds delivery today) on this triple therapy!!

Pegasys (interferon) shot went well today; much better than last week. Just a tiny, teeny weeny bit of blood at the injection site, but that was because he kept pinching his skin after removing the needle, so we have to watch that! No pain at the site, though, so that's great too!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Caregiver

First, I'll begin by saying my fiancé is doing quite well today. We were running around a bit ( usual) and that made him tired, but other than that, it's been a good day for him.

This post is mostly about me. To anyone out there who's a caregiver -- for anyone .. going through anything -- it's a tough road. Almost tougher than the road on which the person you care for is travelling. Almost. There are rough patches, but mercifully, the cargiver doesn't have to take the medicines and suffer any side effects or symptoms. However, the caregiver does get the least amount of sleep. And is the glue that holds the family or relationship unit together. This little caregiver is overcome with exhaustion. In the just under 8 weeks of the treatment so far, I have gotten only 4-5 hours of sleep per night, and I'm the type of person who needs 7 hours per night to be fully functional. I try to grab a nap here and there, but it's not the same, no matter how delicious a nap can be! When I went to bed last night I felt like I was coming down with a cold or the flu. "Peppery" throat, headache, body aches, and extreme exhaustion. Almost sounds like I'm on the therapy, yeah? I'm doing better today, except I'm so tired/sleepy that I have been dropping things, tripping over my own feet, and feeling a bit off-kilter. Yay...go me!

Without me having to write details on some of the situations, here's an article I found that describes it pretty well.  "Living with a Hepatitis C Patient"  The article's a good one for anyone who's a caregiver, regardless whether it's for a Hep C patient or any other patient. It's important to remember that you need to take care of yourself, or you won't be able to take care of your loved one!

I love my fiancé with all my heart and am doing all I can to help him be successful with this treatment, as well as to be happy and not have to worry about anything. I think I'm doing a pretty good job ... so far. But, he has the harder job, for sure. I pray every day that he remains undetectable and gets better as each day goes by. This treatment is surely for both of us; and we're looking forward to a life without Hep C in it; a life with renewed energy and a relaxed future outlook!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tired + Happy

Just winding down from a wonderful and incredibly busy day. Went to brekkie this morning with the fam and my fiancé's tummy was in bad shape but he still wanted to go. That turned out well; he got french toast with fruit (and we've learned, of course, that fresh cut fruit helps with nausea). Home after that to rest / nap for a couple of hours, then up again to get ready to visit with my fiancé's daughter (along with her best friend and her mother) to celebrate his daughter's birthday.

It was a great day with lots of yummy food--he did a great job and just had a little tiny bit of everything, including birthday cake--and didn't have to take any nausea pills, which is huge. He even said on the way home that his tummy did not bother him at all during the day.  Awesome!

As much fun as he had spending time with his amazing daughter, it completely wore him out. We walked in the door and he completely passed out on the bed. Took me awhile to wake him so he can have his last "fat snack" of the day. Got him to have 1/2 cup of ice cream; then he went out for a smoke and now he's back lying down watching some TV. Time for me to restock his meds for tomorrow and then get myself to sleep!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Slow Saturday

Slow, relaxing day today. Fiancé rested most of the day and decided he wanted pizza for supper! So off we went to Pizzeria Regina. Delicious pizza and wonderful salads.

Usual symptoms for him today, but I think he managed them v well. He was v quiet and looked almost sad this morning (nausea, weakness, sleepy), but perked up a bit this afternoon and fully enjoyed himself at dinner. Was extremely unhappy about having a 10:30 "fat snack", but managed to get him to drink a mix of half-and-half and milk, plus eat a 2" square brownie. He did manage to get it down and is settled in for the night at this point.

Sweet dreams to all!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Icky + Sicky

My fiancé is doing well in general today, that is to say, his spirits are good. But the flu-like symptoms are back. Body aches, general malaise, and very very sleepy. The nausea is making itself known today as well.

I wish I could take all his pain away. He's hanging in there and looking at how he's done so far (7 weeks in), it's really feeling doable to him, this whole process. The light at the end of the tunnel is looking less like an oncoming train!

He really can't eat any kind of decent sized meal. Even the smallest amounts of food (at supper time) give him an upset stomach. Some nights, he's very hungry but even with the best of intentions, he can't get much down. The only meal that truly makes him happy and is yummy for him is breakfast. He has his cereal (currently Rice Chex is the fave) with half-and-half so he can take his Incivek and looks forward to it every day!

He's resting now and we just have to get past his 10:30pm "fat snack", then we're settled in for the night.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mellow Day

First, let me mention that my fiancé actually went to bed (AND to sleep!) before me last night! I'm usually in bed and off to sleep between 12 and 12:30am, because I make sure he has his "fat snack" at 10:30pm, then make sure he takes his Incivek at 11pm. After that, I set up his meds for the next day as well as get my own stuff sorted for the next day. He hit the pillows at 12am last night!  I was shocked....AND he went right off to sleep!

It was mostly a mellow, quiet day. He's been feeling mostly pretty good; except this week is "tired week". If he stops for more than a few minute, he's off to sleep. But that's good, because he's getting his rest!

Called CuraScript to refill the three prescriptions and will get the delivery next Tuesday. So, I'm off to bed right about now and then prep for going out to the laundry first thing in the morning!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trying to Get Back to Normal

Had a busy week and today was the last big event for awhile. My brother had a colonoscopy today and my fiancé had a difficult morning with his reaction to the Pegasys from last night. It was challenging for me today, because I wanted to be with my brother and support him as he did for me when I had my colonoscopy a couple of years ago and I also felt I needed (and wanted) to be here for my fiancé since he was having such a bad morning. Wish I had a clone!  Anyway, I drove my brother to the hospital and our Mum decided she wanted to go and wait for him; then I drove home to make sure I was here for anything that my fiancé might need. It all worked out v well!

This afternoon was better for my fiancé than the morning. The only symptoms this afternoon were nausea and bloating. This morning he was v weak and extremely sleepy. No fever; no body aches. It's possible those will show up tomorrow, so we'll keep an eye on that.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 bad

It's 9:30am and he's taking his "7am combo" (Incivek + Ribavirin) now! I thought I reminded him to take them at 7:15 (30 minutes after breakfast), but I guess I didn't. My first screw-up. And we were doing so well. I feel awful.

Well, another day under our belts.  It's 11:30pm and we're just going off to bed. The rest of the day's meds were dispensed and taken on the correct schedule, including tonight's Pegasys shot. He had slight bleeding at the injection site, but I think it's because after he removed the needle, he kept a tight grip on the area he'd pinched. He says he's okay; no pain in that area. We'll keep fingers crossed and see how he's gonna do tomorrow!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Another "Too Busy" Day

Happy (Belated by one day) Birthday to Freddie Mercury.

He would've been 65 this year had he lived. I know it's not blog-related, but Freddie was one of my favourite performers and made me believe that anything was possible. He's missed very much, at least in my world!

Okay, there was way too much going on today. I feel like I'm the one who needs to rest more so than my fiancé today! We ran errands and went out with the fam to lunch at a great local Chinese restaurant. No naps today, no resting. I'm afraid that days like this, which are happening more and more often, because he's feeling better in general, will result in a complete breakdown either tomorrow or the day after. Well, we'll see.  He's doing very well, though, didn't even have any tummy issues today. Took his afternoon Incivek a bit later than normal, but it was within the 9-hour window, so I think we're good. I want to remain as strict as possible with the timeline on these meds. He's done so well so far that I don't want to screw it up in any way!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Better Day

It's a better day all around, so we got THAT goin' for us! ; )

It's the end of the day and I'm completely knackered!!! He felt so much better and was able to eat a nice breakfast with the fam @ IHOP this morning. He's felt v well all day and the only side effects he's claiming today is nausea. He mentioned that he's constipated today and thinks it may be due to the antacids he's taking when he has tummy troubs.

Mum's been mentioning how good he looks. How his skin looks like it's "glowing". I looked at him closely and did notice his skin colour is better,,,, pinker than it used to be. I chalk that up to the medicine killing the virus and bringing the skin back to normal colour.

He didn't get to rest too much today, but he felt good enough to run some errands this evening. Nothing grand, just returning some stuff to a local store. He's dead asleep in the other room right now while I write this. Since there's not much else to report, I'll leave this right here and go off to see the Sandman myself! 'Night all.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Not a Fun Day...

... for me. He had a bad night last night. Didn't get to sleep till v late and then, with the nice weather for sleeping last night, we left all the windows open. Consequently, he woke in the middle of the night with the shivers from being cold (he doesn't usually sleep under the covers). Took a good 20 minutes before he stopped shivering and his breathing got back to normal.

This morning, it was very hard to wake him up...and it normally takes him awhile to wake up in general. And so far, he's been a bit short with me today, but I know it's either that he hasn't fully woken up or he's just not feeling v well regarding his condition/medication. He's not sharing with me either way. It's not going to be easy to get him to take his meds this morning, but I've got to get him to do it, so off I go!

3:00pm: He's been sleeping virtually all day. When he's awake, it's only for a few minutes to use the loo, or have a smoke. Even doing that knocks him out. He says when he's out smoking, he feels his knees buckling under him. He literally takes 2 puffs and he's back inside. He felt a bit warm this morning, but his temp was only 99.9; I just took it again, and it's 98.7. Click here for all the symptom details for today.

He's been nicer to me this afternoon, but was not happy when I gave him his 2:30pm "fat snack".  When I wonder why he's so cranky, I just look at the medicine he has to take and realize it's okay; I would be so much worse I think if it was me taking the meds. When I see him this debilitated, I take a few minutes to myself in the bathroom and just cry it out.  Think it's that time right about now.

10:00pm: Well we got through this day. Just barely. It has been tougher for him than for me; I feel so frustrated that there's nothing I can do for him when he's feeling this bad. And I can only imagine how frustrated he must be. Praying he'll have a good night, sleep well, and wake refreshed in the morning. One more round of meds tonight and this one's in the books!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Still Sinking In

My fiancé is still having a hard time wrapping his head around the news from yesterday. I guess after living with Hep C for so long; to realize that it's no longer the threat it was just a couple of months ago, is a rather large pill to swallow (pun not intended).

We took my Mum out to dinner for her birthday tonight and he didn't get the chance for a real nap of any kind. He had a few minutes earlier today, but not enough to give him the rest he really needs.

CuraScript called today; it's time to re-up his meds! I'm surprised at how great they are about calling and keeping him on track. They're always there to answer questions or just chat whenever I call them. V nice to have another group of people in our corner!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

U-N-D-E-T-E-C-T-A-B-L-E ! ! ! !

We finally heard today! My fiancé's doctor's office called earlier today to tell him that the 4-wk test is in ... and ....... DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!


My fiancé looked slightly confused and I heard him say "what is undetectable?". Well, when I heard those words, I began to cry. I just knew that would be the result and I did a happy dance across the living room floor. It's a few hours after the phone call, and my fiancé is finally letting it sink in!

I have been saying prayers like I've never done before every night before sleep. I've been meditating, sending out good energy (I'm a Reiki therapist), and just generally keeping it all on the positive side, so I couldn't be happier!  He can't believe he's getting this new lease on life. We know he still has a long road; we're at 6 weeks into the triple threat therapy, but this is the news he needs to help him go all the way!

To quote Charles Dickens (from "A Christmas Carol") ..
"We may sleep to-night with light hearts . . . "      ♥